We believe sustainable fashion comes from a slower, smaller production process using already existing materials when possible.

Our goal is to create unique, intentional, and curated pieces to help evolve our conscious relationship with fashion and style.


  • Fashion is one of the least sustainable and most pollution-dependent industries in the world. 

    • In just one year, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions, which is more than all international flights and sea shipments combined.
    • Not convinced yet? The fashion industry also dumps half a million tons of plastic microfibers into our oceans every year. That amount of plastic is equivalent to 50 billion plastic bottles being dropped into our oceans annually.
    • The incinerators and landfills, where the majority of discarded clothing ends up around the globe, are killing the environment and there's no end in sight - retailers continue to mass-produce waaay more items necessary, leading to tons of waste.
  • So how can we minimize the waste associated with fashion?

    • One effective practice is to produce upcycled designs from discarded clothing. Luckily, over 90% of all discarded clothing around the globe could go on to have a second life. 
    • We aim to take advantage of this fact by picking up those high-quality discarded products before they get to a landfill, decorating them with unique designs, and giving them a second life.

    • We believe in meaningful small-batch production, intuitive creation, shameless authenticity and community-oriented innovation.

    Thank you for shopping wildflower wurld - you're supporting a woman-owned + opperated, local small business and we are so grateful for you (: